Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Headlines Today's Rocks! For a different reason though! :P

A few posts ago, I mentioned my shift away from NDTV, of how NDTV seems to have lost it in the New-Age journalism where Style and chutzpah are the winning mantras. Well, it helps if you have red-hot Newsreaders, doesnt it?

I also mentioned I had shifted to other NEWS channels, most notably to CNN IBN and Headlines Today. "Headlines Today? That a NEWS channel eh?" - one might exclaim. Except they have the one USP no one can ignore. Atleast not the hairier sex. The USP is Avantika Singh, a kool looking chick who serves NEWS with a smile that could heal Israel and Lebanon! :P

Here is a link to some of Miss Avantika's pics while Newsreading and you can clearly see how much she (and us) enjoys her job! :-)

Keep reading NEWS Ma'm - you are a refreshing break (pun intended) to the monotonous reality of corruption, slease and grime that NEWS is comprised of these days. As they say, a babe in the woods - here, a babe in the NEWS studios! :P


Dinesh said...

headlines today has a new fan...:D

Rajiv Iyer said...

join the Avantika Singh Orkut community .... me, u guessed it rite, already a member! :P