Friday, June 06, 2008

Random Thoughts 1

This is the first of hopefully a long series of short PJ's and amused musings, most of which have originated from the depths of an idle, devious mind. This series is "inspired" from the series of posts of the same name on Crucifire's Blog. So credit to him for "inspiring" me :P

Also, I just want to mention the fact that brevity is not my cup of tea - my skill and my interest lies in the complicating the simple, restating the obvious, expanding the brief and inflating the smallest into one humongous blog post - my archives will bear testimony to this!! That and the fact that 8 semesters, 45 exams later, I have mastered the art of putting random words together!! So, this series is all the more challenging for a person devoid of any succinctness. Here's to brevity!!

Oh! And please do gimme
feedback (positive or negative)!

Here goes ....

Q. "What do Shahrukh Khan and Adam Sandler have in common??"

A. They are both wedding singers!!

The Wedding Singer (1998 movie) @ Wikipedia
Deccan Herald Report of SRK paid as a wedding guest