Saturday, September 16, 2006

Schumi's Race-ituary!

There isnt much that I can say, that can fully capture this man, his persona and his accomplishments. So when he announces his retirement from active Formula 1, there isnt much I can say except offer a small tribute to him by writing a Race-ituary for him!


Michael Schumacher

Beloved son of Rolf and Elisabeth Schumacher
Loving husband of Karina Schumacher
Doting father of Gina-Maria and Mick Schumacher

A 7-time Formula 1 Champion (can he make it 8? looks very much like it) with:
5 consecutive Championship titles,
90 GP victories out of which 71 were with Ferrari (Is that surprising? :P),
7 consecutive GP victories in the 2004-05 season,
8 victories on the same circuit - at France's Magny Cours track,
68 Pole Positions,
75 Fastest Laps,
148 points in a single season in the 2002-03 season,
43 Second places and a total of 153 podium finishes,
19 consecutive podium finishes in the 2001-02 and 2002-03 seasons,
4726 laps as the leading car on track,
And a Grand Total of 1354 Championship points.
(Please remember, knowing him,
these statistics may very well change! :P)

A two-time Laureus Sporstman of the Year (He got nominated thrice),
A leading Spokesperson for the Road Safety Awareness Campaign,
A Special Ambassador to UNESCO,
And The only sportsman to have donated 10million $ to the victims of the
2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

A Demi-God for millions of Ferrari/Formula 1 fans and till recently for me.
A Pain in the Arse for: Flavio Braitore, Fernando Alonso and the rest of the F1 circus and since recently for me :P

has left the Formula 1 track for a homely abode on the 10th September, 2006. His departure was peaceful, but has left a void in all of our lives.
We all deeply mourn his absence on the track and we pray and wish him peace and success in what he does!

May the Lord be with him! And may he be with Renault! :P


NOTE: All statistics and associated information has been taken from Wikipedia's page on Schumacher and a couple of other webpages, which are listed here:
Wiki's Schumi Page
Schumi in the GP Hall of Fame
Schumi's Profile on Yahoo/Reuters


Kunal said...

thanks a lot for the post...

they say statistics are sport without emotion..but these stats bring goosebumps to your skin..this man is like no other..his will to win is unparalleled..his icelike demeanour is legendary...n ruthlessness stuff of lore..he is a racing god...hail der konig!!!

p.s :- rajiv, he isnt leaving the ferrari paddock!!!

dining_philosopher said...

Man. You really like him dont ya?

Unfortunately, Ive never liked him. Heres some of the reasons:

Hes more or less like Shane Warne. Talented no doubt, but for some reason cant resist stooping to conquer. Schumi isnt exactly Senna.

BTW, schumi's raci-tuary cant be complete without mention of his extra-ordinary ability to drive in rain.

Dinesh said...

the guy is a genius....bowin down to a grt