Monday, July 17, 2006

The height of Madness! - Car Futball involving 22 Cars & 1 big sized Ball

Dont believe me?! I dont blame you, yet thats exactly what was telecasted on this week's Top Gear. Top Gear's a crazy show with lots of crazy, silly things and pointless challenges that the cars under test must meet in order to satisfy the jury. But, I have never seen something more crazy, hilarious and childishly silly than the Car Soccer that was played. The set of 22 cars were organized into 2 sets of 11 - one painted in the colours of Argentina and the other 11 painted in the colours of Brazil. The Brazilians won 4-3 in a match that can only be described as hilarious. I was in splits by the end of it! U can catch the video of that episode here CAR_SOCCER_LINK - Just goto "Episode 5" and click on either the "Full Episode" or the "Car Futball" clip ......... Njoy!

Top Gear sure is the BEST goddamned show on this planet!! Long live Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and last but not the least, the test-driver "The Stig"!!

These guys can find faults even in a Rs. 5 crore Maybach! The ease with which these guys make mince meat of the best cars in the world always makes me cringe!


Viper007Bond said...

They had actually done basically this 2 or 3 times before. You should check those episodes out. ;)

Rajiv Iyer said...

hey I didnt know that! Alright, will chck it out

Kunal said...

was a seriously innovative (not to mention destructive) idea..

atleast cars cant abuse each other :P

Peter Matthes said...

I would love to see how they slide tackle.